Abundance: From Confusion To Infusion

I have a friend who likes to leave $5 bills tucked behind popular items in the grocery store. Sometimes he watches from the shadows to see reactions, sometimes not.  I recently had the anonymous driver ahead of me pay for my coffee at the drive-through window. A busy neighbor who works in the fast world of finance, always has time to shovel the snow from his 85-year-old neighbor’s sidewalk. A red cluster of berries has fallen from a tree into white snow, and the glow of the sun on it makes it a stunning sight to see. Abundance is everywhere; it is overflowing. And so often, abundance is missed because we think it is something it is not. Here are some common confusions.

Abundance often gets confused for what is in our checking account when it actually emerges from what is in our hearts. There is the age-old confusion that equates holiness with poverty, and though there is much to be learned from hardship and scarcity, hardship will be gained when we pursue scarcity consciously or unconsciously. The topic of abundance gets even more confusing when we encounter the alluring and bizarre spiritual teachings (and famous movies) where the right spiritual visualizations become the sure fire way to get that second home in Tuscany.

With all of these confusions working on us (not to mention that our brains are acutely organized to feel fear and notice scarcity) of course you and I want to acquire more. We believe that if we just had this new gadget then that problem would go away, or if we could just get enough money in this account then that deep peace we’ve longed for finally would be ours. The hard truth is that the appetites of scarcity and fear are like that of my dog Benny: There will be enough kibbles in the dish to satisfy our sweet, anxious Benny.

Infusion is the continuous, slow absorption of something into our system. Abundance is infused into your life when your heart and mind move through the world while attuned to what is beautiful, good, healthful, generous, and kind. And the alluring and wonderful truth is that your vitality, health, outlook and bank accounts tend to improve when you love life. Our lives and the world become much simpler when we remember that abundance is measured by the love in our hearts not the cash in our accounts.

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