Breaking Free from the Prison of Misperception

Prison BarsOur perceptions are the problem: not the job, not the family member, not the weather. A false perception is a prison bar, and if we get enough of them we are in jail. Most of our suffering is because we are in a homemade jail and we don’t know it. We become victims of our perceptions and we don’t realize the assailant is within us. A shift in our perception sets us free.

Mike was a pastor I got to know in seminary and we stayed in touch when we were pastors in our first churches. He was an excellent preacher. He was in a church that had a lot of retired pastors and some professors. Over time, he became oriented to their occasional constructive feedback. He was deaf to the many positive comments he received, and he amplified the comments he heard as negative. They would echo in his mind for weeks on end. He began to have anxiety attacks, and it wasn’t long before this gifted preacher hated to preach. He perceived that a handful of people were sharks that were out to get him. It wasn’t true (I knew a couple of them), but it felt very true for Mike and he became imprisoned by this perception.

Prison BreakMisperceptions imprison us, and turn us into victims. When we are victims we forget that we are a creator, an artist. Artists take raw form and make it beautiful or moving. Artists take strange perceptions and spin them into learning. This ability to shift our perception sets us free, and we have an amazing power to impact our perception and therefore our reality.

Do you tell yourself that you don’t have enough time, energy, money, hope, friendships, etc.? Are you hounded by a subtle message that there isn’t enough? So am I. This scarcity mindset is a perception that throws a wet blanket over you and your life.  In my Infinite Possibilities Workshop on March 8th, I will be a walking through a process that helps you break free from this and other misperceptions. It’s time to shift these falsehoods into empowering thoughts and infinite possibilities!

For more information or to register for my Infinite Possibilities Workshop CLICK HERE.

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