From Failure to Success

True success is the experience of the miraculous,  Deepak Chopra It’s so easy to find ourselves under the dark cloud of failure. We feel stuck. We feel that thing that we so wanted just didn’t work out. We get tired of coming face to face with our same old issues all the time. Failure-mind is […]

May 30, 2015 in Brain shifts, Evolutionary Spirituality, Presence, Thriving, Vitality by

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Is It Time For An Ego Trip?

Usually when I hear people talk about “ego” it gets a bad rap. Like a cold, it’s seen to be something you don’t have when you are well. Ego often is viewed as a false self that is the self-absorbed and paranoid side of our personality. I certainly have reinforced this view over the years. […]

March 30, 2014 in Brain shifts, Thriving, Transformation, Vitality by

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Breaking Free from the Prison of Misperception

Our perceptions are the problem: not the job, not the family member, not the weather. A false perception is a prison bar, and if we get enough of them we are in jail. Most of our suffering is because we are in a homemade jail and we don’t know it. We become victims of our […]

February 9, 2014 in Brain shifts, Thriving, Transformation, Vitality by

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The Mental Shift: “From Lizard to Wizard”

Vital Shifts: Part Four in a Series of Five This series exams how shifts in consciousness impact various key aspects of our lives. I am an old man now and have had a great many problems. Most of them never happened.  Mark Twain The mind is the most powerful tool we have to shift our […]

September 15, 2013 in Brain shifts, Productivity, Thriving, Vitality by

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The Emotional Shift, “Isn’t That Interesting?”

Vital Shift–Part Two in a Series of Five  Making the emotional shift may not be a life or death matter but the quality of your life does hinge on it. Here are some signs that your life may be calling for this shift. Do you ever: Feel lonely or isolated? Seek out food or alcohol […]

July 27, 2013 in Brain shifts, Presence, Thriving, Vitality by

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Shifting into Overmind

My tax folder is sitting on my desk to my left. This small collection of papers has the power to undo me. The sight of it can throw my usually calm mind into fits of worry. My thoughts start cascading into scarcity: I don’t have enough time to get this done, there isn’t enough money, […]

February 5, 2013 in Brain shifts, Productivity, Thriving, Transformation by

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Two Resolutions for a New Year

At this time of the year when we ponder New Year’s resolutions that seldom get kept, I offer two of them that not only have staying power, but also radically change how we experience life: Resolve to Let It Go. Most of the problems that occupy us are more perception than reality. When we can let […]

December 30, 2012 in Brain shifts, Presence, Spirituality, Thriving by

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Dogs, Brains and Consciousness

The British biologist, Rupert Sheldrake wrote a book entitled, Dogs That Know When their Owners Are Coming Home. In this book he studied dogs and cats that had an uncanny ability to know when their owners starting making their way home, even at odd hours and under strange circumstances. Sheldrake proposed that these animals were attuned to […]

December 9, 2012 in Brain shifts, Transformation by

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Three awarenesses that will help you thrive

As we move into greater awareness of what gets in our way and what frees us up, there are three awarenesses that are key to our thriving:   The awareness of intuition: Intuition is what we know before we start thinking. It links us with a deep knowing that is powerful. Our intuition connects us […]

November 24, 2012 in Brain shifts, Spirituality, Thriving by

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Flipping the HD Switch

I’m watching 20 monarch butterflies hop around on the tips of brilliantly yellow dandelions. Beyond them, I look through shimmering aspen leaves at the largest lake in the world. Today Lake Superior is a shade of blue that makes it difficult to see where water converts to sky. Yes, I’m having a moment. Everything I […]

June 2, 2012 in Brain shifts, Presence, Spirituality by

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