Aligning to Kronos time

Chronos and Kairos were two ways the ancient Greeks understood time. The first one is clock time: it’s measurable, steady, it’s, well, chronological. Kairos is wild and wacky: the surprising breaking into our routines in a way that is decisive and opportunistic. We often suffer under chronos and come alive when Kairos strikes. Recently the […]

October 17, 2015 in Evolutionary Spirituality, Spirituality, Thriving, Transformation, Vitality by

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How many possibilities are in your next moment?

One of the most common feelings that I sense and hear expressed from my clients and students is that of being trapped in their lives: trapped in their personality habits, jobs, relationships, mindsets, illnesses. We all know this experience of feeling like we have no exit out of this struggle, no way out of that […]

June 21, 2015 in Evolutionary Spirituality, Thriving, Transformation, Vitality by

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From Failure to Success

True success is the experience of the miraculous,  Deepak Chopra It’s so easy to find ourselves under the dark cloud of failure. We feel stuck. We feel that thing that we so wanted just didn’t work out. We get tired of coming face to face with our same old issues all the time. Failure-mind is […]

May 30, 2015 in Brain shifts, Evolutionary Spirituality, Presence, Thriving, Vitality by

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Seven Spiritual Laws

Being a spiritual person isn’t easy. I read and write about it a lot because living spirituality in my fast and crowded life is a constant challenge. When a spiritual connection emerges in the midst of my busy life, I feel a mix of ease and empowerment. Things slow down for a time and I […]

April 18, 2015 in Evolutionary Spirituality, Spiritual Practice by

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Can Spiritual People Desire Wealth?

For good reasons, people on spiritual paths and in spiritual traditions have had an uneasy relationship with money.  Many of us remember Jesus’ admonition that it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich person to enter the dominion of heaven. Before I knew that Jesus […]

March 22, 2015 in Evolutionary Spirituality, Spirituality, Thriving, Vitality by

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Four Tips For Shooting A Basketball And Living

Many years ago I discovered there were four keys to shooting a basketball well: As you shoot, keep your elbow in and aligned with the center of your body The motion of your shooting arm should imitate a goose neck: first moving straight upward, then flicking the wrist, and ending with a clear follow through […]

February 22, 2015 in Coaching, Evolutionary Spirituality, Vitality by

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Interstellar and Evolutionary Spirituality

Since seeing the movie Interstellar, I’ve been thinking a lot about evolutionary spirituality. It is mysterious and difficult to wrap our minds around this kind of spiritual and evolutionary thinking. Central to this movie’s plot are a series of awareness breakthroughs.  I have come to thing of this process as a cycle of awareness and […]

January 4, 2015 in Evolutionary Spirituality, Spirituality, Vitality by

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