Dogs, Brains and Consciousness

The British biologist, Rupert Sheldrake wrote a book entitled, Dogs That Know When their Owners Are Coming Home. In this book he studied dogs and cats that had an uncanny ability to know when their owners starting making their way home, even at odd hours and under strange circumstances. Sheldrake proposed that these animals were attuned to their owners’ intentions to return home, and he studied the animals’ increase in heart rate and other biological reactions.

Sheldrake began corresponding with physicist, David Bohm, who proposed a similar theory. Together they explored the idea of a field of consciousness or a non-local intelligence that could be tapped into for extra-sensory perceptions and for “Aha!” experiences.

What might it mean for you and me to access this field? What might it mean for us to access this field of consciousness together? Others have asked this question and discovered a phenomenon called collective intelligence.  Minds that become aligned by intentionally engaging in meaningful dialog or in common purposes can think thoughts together than they cannot think alone.

Consciousness is mysterious and amazing. Here’s another example: People who die, whose brains show absolutely no activity or function, and then return to life, often have the sensation of floating over their bodies while observing and hearing all that is going on.  How can they see or hear if their brains also are dead? This tell us that their brains stop working but their consciousness does not. So, our brains are not the generators of consciousness.  It seems, instead, that they pick up the signal of consciousness like a radio tunes into a station.

It is exciting to think that there is a frequency of consciousness that I can tap into. My dogs, family, friends and you can draw upon it, too. It feels hopeful to me that there is a field of consciousness that not only connects me to eternal forces but also links me to you. As we come to understand consciousness and its linking potentials better, we will take evolutionary leaps forward. I suspect that our dogs have something to teach us here, too.

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