Flipping the HD Switch

I’m watching 20 monarch butterflies hop around on the tips of brilliantly yellow dandelions. Beyond them, I look through shimmering aspen leaves at the largest lake in the world. Today Lake Superior is a shade of blue that makes it difficult to see where water converts to sky. Yes, I’m having a moment. Everything I look at is colored with high definition radiance. The bird songs are glorious and fun, the breeze through the trees whispers a strong calm, and even the occasional traffic from the highway has a pleasing hum to it.  Actually, I’m having a lot of moments today.

I was born into the black and white TV generation. I remember the day when my family bought a color TV. A whole new viewing world opened up. And it didn’t stop there. The screens kept getting better, the colors brighter, the images more clear, until today many people have HD TV theaters with surround sound.  These systems are a whole different level of seeing and hearing than the old black and white TVs.

Today, I’m seeing the world around me in HD with surround sound. And it doesn’t stop with my seeing. With the vision comes a deep peace and gratitude for a creation that is wildly generous. It isn’t always so for me. I have plenty of moments, of days, when I have my switch set to black and white. This black and white mode goes beyond my seeing, and brings a dullness to my vision that I feel in my bones: routine, obligation, lack, low energy.

More and more, I am aware that I have access to the switch that turns my world from black and white into HD with surround sound. Each of us has this switch.   I find that I can flip the switch in many different ways: through breathing, prayer, nature, inspirational reading, exercise, a loved one or friend.

We live in a high definition universe, and we are made with a radiance and calm that can be tuned to HD. When enough of us start flipping the switch, the whole world lights up.

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