Interstellar and Evolutionary Spirituality

Since seeing the movie Interstellar, I’ve been thinking a lot about evolutionary spirituality. It is mysterious and difficult to wrap our minds around this kind of spiritual and evolutionary thinking. Central to this movie’s plot are a series of awareness breakthroughs.  I have come to thing of this process as a cycle of awareness and action that comes and goes in our lives. We enter and then often lose this awareness amidst the flurry of life. The good news is that it is a cycle that seeks us out (again, as the movie portrayed), and one that we can access at any of these five points:

Evolutionary Spirituality CycleAwakening to Divinity: As we awaken to our fundamental evolutionary spirituality, we see our lives as framed in, and directed by, a Divine Grace that is ever-expanding. As we are immersed in this Love, we know from a cosmic perspective that we are deeply cherished and can do nothing wrong. And, our identity shifts as we become citizens not of a town, state or country but of the planet and the cosmos.

Belief in a Generous Source: The Universe/God/Source is seeking to expand and is fundamentally generous. It is seeking to expand in all that it inhabits (which is everything). We open to this Source of life and power by breaking through the numbing effects of everyday habits and routines, and we intentionally align with this Source.

Awareness Shift: The more we live in this belief, the more we have another shift of consciousness and identity that tells us we are a cause of our external realities rather than a result of them. This is the shift from victim to creator that leads us to be in cooperation with the flow of life. Increasingly, we see synchronicities and our lens on reality becomes curious and generous.

Experience New Forms of Empowerment: We increasingly trust that our gracious universe is conspiring for our well-being, AND we embrace that we are agents in creating our experiences. With this we experience dormant forces, talents and resources coming to life more and more. To quote W. H. Murray, “as we move Providence moves too.” Through this activation process, we experience more ease, empowerment and enrichment in our lives.

Expression of Service: We naturally put this ease, empowerment and enrichment to use through service to others and our planet. We give out of our abundance, without any strings attached. We recognize that the more we give the more we receive, and the more we receive, the more we awaken. And the cycle continues . . . . !

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