Is It Time For An Ego Trip?

Unique EggUsually when I hear people talk about “ego” it gets a bad rap. Like a cold, it’s seen to be something you don’t have when you are well. Ego often is viewed as a false self that is the self-absorbed and paranoid side of our personality. I certainly have reinforced this view over the years. I have come to believe that ego is more of a doorway than a dead end.

When you walk through the doorway of ego you enter the realm of desire. The notion of ego has been corrupted because of our distrust of desire. Desire has been connected with sin and with impulses that are wild and wrong. Ego looks entirely different when we frame desire as holy and from God. A developed ego becomes a self that knows what it loves, is in touch with its hopes and dreams, and confidently pursues them. This ego cherishes itself and is generous towards others and the world. Ego becomes the pathway to joy because it trusts that true desire, and the guidance the comes with it, stems from God.

A few weeks back, I found myself sitting in a vibrating chair with seven women to my left and four to my right. I didn’t know them. I was happily reading my sports page as my feet were being soaked, clipped, buffed and puffed. I thought to myself, “Hmm, my life has come to this: a pedicure and sports page, feminine and masculine, yin and yang.” Yes, my ego was happy, and the stronger my ego becomes the more I sing my song, the more improbable and quirky I get, and the more I like living in my skin.

Hands forming a heartHere’s the paradoxical truth: Far from closing us down in “selfishness”, the awakened ego is empowered and generous. It’s free to be quirky and loving in ways that our cautious and proper selves can’t imagine. This journey into our expanding ego will be a main topic in my up-coming, six session, Sojourners Circle: Infinite Possibilities, that runs monthly on Friday afternoons starting April 11th.   This Circle with be a place to grow our ego with the caring help of others. Click here for more information.

So yes, it’s time for an ego trip. Embrace rather than erase your ego, and ask yourself, “what new trick is my ego ready to spring on the world?”

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