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Enneagram DiagramThe Enneagram is a sacred psychology that has ancient, spiritual roots. It also is uniquely contemporary as a powerful tool for assessing and understanding our personality type.  It is a system for self-development that uses a nine-pointed figure to portray nine basic personality styles.  Each type has a life-perspective and way of functioning that contains strengths and weakness.

Knowing your Enneagram type can be a catalyst for personal change and for more effective functioning in your life and work. It is being used extensively in leadership training, schools of business, the CIA, the postal service, seminaries and medical schools.

I have taught the Enneagram to more than a thousand people in corporate, educational and church settings since 2004. My workshops draw upon presentations, video and small and large group discussion to explore the participant’s Enneagram type and its applications for personal discovery and growth. I draw primarily from the work of Riso, Hudson and Palmer, and can tailor presentations to include emphases such as spirituality, team dynamics and/or leadership, depending on the group’s needs.

Each of the 9 types has a unique orientation to the issues such as the following:

    • What are the personality patterns that that we favor?
    • Why do we seem to get stuck in the same ruts?
    • How do we react to conflict?
    • What patterns do we use to relate to people and why do we use them?
    • Where does our focus of attention usually fall in our life and work?
    • Toward what style of leadership does my Enneagram type predispose me?
    • What are our areas of strength and of weakness as leaders?
    • What helps me to grow and to move toward greater wholeness?

Fees: Day-long workshop is $800, half-day workshop is $400.

Use the Contact tab on the home page if you would like to talk with me about an Enneagram workshop. 

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