Seven Spiritual Laws

Compass in HeartBeing a spiritual person isn’t easy. I read and write about it a lot because living spirituality in my fast and crowded life is a constant challenge. When a spiritual connection emerges in the midst of my busy life, I feel a mix of ease and empowerment. Things slow down for a time and I feel hopeful and enlivened.

I love Deepak Chopra’s The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success because it offers a step-by-step process that invites spiritual connection into our fast and crowded lives. Chopra lays out seven principles because one, three or five of these steps aren’t sufficient for all we encounter in our complicated lives. Seven does the trick. His seven laws help us recalibrate our compass so that we increasingly orient to and live spiritually satisfying and dynamic lives.

Let me give you a few examples from my life. There has been a frustrating stuck place in my work life. I need something from a colleague that isn’t happening. The fourth spiritual law, the Law of Least Effort, reminds me to become aware of how my frustration has me spinning and stuck. This notion of least effort prompts me to ask the question, how can I engage this person easily and generously? This question re-calibrates me. I call my colleague and a good conversation leads to a rather simple solution.

In the sixth spiritual law, the Law of Detachment, he states that detachment is a state of letting go and becoming alert that accelerates our evolution. An unexpectedly large tax bill arrives in the thick envelope from the accountant. Whoa! I immediately am awash in fear and frustration. I feel victimized and in lack. Then the shift happens for a moment: I detach; I take a deep breath I remember that this has happened three or four other times. We’ve always found a way to manage this, and we’ll find a way again. In this moment of shift, I evolve slightly, I become more alert to a higher truth. I relax and start to move toward a sensible way to deal with this surprise.

These moments of spiritual connection open the door to a mix of ease and empowerment. I move from feeling stuck to taking constructive action. What a difference this shift makes!

Of course, these seven laws aren’t a once and done revelation. It takes continual practice, preferably with others. And that is why I’m so excited about my book study. The once a week format will keep the practice part of our spirituality front and center. I need that and I’ve heard most of my clients wrestle with maintaining a spiritual practice, too. It’s hard to do, and it gets a lot easier when we do it together.  CLICK HERE for More Information

I’m offering a Friday afternoon, seven-week book study on this gem of a book in order that I might immerse myself in these spiritual truths and pathways. I’m forming a group with ten spots for people who are ready to journey together toward deepening our practice, self-awareness and spiritual knowledge. I still have a few spots open, and I hope you will be one of these travelers.

What I know is that the world will become a brighter place as we make this journey together.

CLICK HERE for More Information

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