Shifting into Overmind

My tax folder is sitting on my desk to my left. This small collection of papers has the power to undo me. The sight of it can throw my usually calm mind into fits of worry. My thoughts start cascading into scarcity: I don’t have enough time to get this done, there isn’t enough money, I don’t have the will-power to journey into that dark cave of small-print documents, calculations, and governmental mumbo-jumbo. Taxes and other favorite worries pull my thinking into a small and fixated place where I become very small and my troubles loom very large.

Tax season is definitely a great time to shift into Overmind. Overmind is to our brain was overdrive is to our car’s transmission. Overdrive is the highest gear in the transmission, and it allows the engine to operate at high speed with relatively low effort. Overmind is a term that is used by the Indian philosopher, spiritual teacher and peace activist Sri Aurobindo (he was Gandhi’s predecessor). It describes a very high state of spiritual development in which we become aware of cosmic or universal forces. It comes with a shift in perception and a feeling that we are at one with our vast cosmos. This state of Overmind certainly is a nice contrast to an overly “taxed” brain. 

While my experiences of Overmind have been “few and far between,” I more often think of shifting into Overmind in a more simplistic and accessible way. I like to think of it as looking at a problem from our most expansive viewpoint. It’s a way of “taking a bird’s eye view.” When we shift into Overmind we intentionally step out of our brain boxes and habitual thought patterns, and we start thinking with our best selves and our highest minds. Overmind enables us to operate ourselves at a kind of high speed with relatively low effort.

So I am taking another look at my tax folder. Overmind to the rescue. And I see a chance to take stock of my year. I say thank you for the income I have made. I am grateful for my health as I work through medical receipts. I feel appreciation for living in a country that does so many things right, and I am happy to pay for those privileges with my taxes. Sure, there are problems with the USA, with the tax system, and with me, and there will be days when the task is to address these problems. But for now, I am going to shift into Overmind and have some fun working on my taxes.

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