Two Resolutions for a New Year

At this time of the year when we ponder New Year’s resolutions that seldom get kept, I offer two of them that not only have staying power, but also radically change how we experience life:

Resolve to Let It Go. Most of the problems that occupy us are more perception than reality. When we can let go of our need to fix or control others, of our resentments, of expectations of others, we free ourselves from the entanglements that most trip us up. When we can let go of anxieties about the past or the future, we are able to more fully enter the present moment. Letting go is a form of surrendering to a higher power and reality.

Resolve to Go For It! It is much easier to stay stuck than to risk change. How many important dreams have we let float by us never to be seen again?  Our dreams and desires are gifts from beyond that call us to become who we are meant to be. What’s a possibility that you would love to turn into a reality in the year to come? Take some risks and turn your life into an adventure. Going for it is a way of choosing adventure over safety and way to orient to possibility rather than problems.

Letting go is an act of trust that leads us to contentment. Going for it is a leap of faith that leads us to empowerment. Contentment and empowerment are a powerful pairing that help us design rather than defer our lives.

These two resolutions represent two essential aspects of the spiritual life. The one way plants us in the here and now, and celebrates what is right in this moment. The other way activates us so we live into a promising future. As you enter this New Year, rather than committing to more exercise and a cleaner basement, resolve to let it go and to go for it!

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