You are geared to thrive

What would it be like for you to believe you are meant to thrive? How would it feel to carry with you the conviction that thriving is our natural state and that everything short of that is a distortion of our true self?

Cars and bikes are made so that they run best within a certain range of speed. If they are moving too slow or too fast it strains the system. I believe humans are geared to thrive. When we are entrenched in survival mode, its as if our spirits are bogged down. We are made and meant to thrive. A phrase that has made it’s way around churches is “God doesn’t make junk.” A more expansive way of saying this is that all that exists (person, place, thing) is sacred, made from love, originating in the stars, and worthy of care and respect.

The conviction that we are meant to thrive reprograms our orientation to living. This reprogramming isn’t easy. I suspect all of us spend more time than we would like in the doom and gloom mind. The first and crucial step is to start noticing when we are in survival mind. Here we orient to what’s missing, to scarcity, loss, self protection, and to our and others shortcomings and faults. By shifting to the thriving mind, we see possibility, mistakes become learning opportunities, we are in touch with our gifts and strengths, we assume and look for the best in others. When we run in the thriving gear life is easier, we are more empowered, and all of it is more enjoyable.

When thriving is our natural state, our life and work become about mutual enhancement of all that is. We are all meant to to thrive, so we help our neighbor, support our park systems, love our pets, advocate for the environment, and nourish our souls.

You are meant to thrive, so give yourself the luxury each day of asking yourself: what would thriving look like for me today? What would my thriving look like in my next meeting, in how I drive, in how I relate to my partner or friend, in how I clean my kitchen. Go ahead, ask yourself often about thriving. I know you have some great answers!

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